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Suspicious pressure on the immigration crisis is illegal in Libya

Suspicious pressure on the immigration crisis is illegal in Libya

I stand with the desire of the human nature to move and travel from one place to another, and against the person who puts the consequences and obstacles to legal and legitimate to reduce the practice of human nature in the transition and migration!

All of us are looking for more quality places, security, and happiness for a living, but movement and migration is not a problem per se, but it is a natural right for everyone to choose the legal form of immigration according to the customs and laws of the countries of destination.

Data provided to us relating to the demography of the African continent from some frightening international bodies and institutions of illegal immigration, and from this logic of illegal migrations from Africa to Europe and then to all over the world in the past years are considered eye-catching reports.

Thousands of migrants arrive in Italy from the sea, which is a stifling crisis for southern Italy, who leaves the north every year, and as the migration of Africa to Europe via the Mediterranean was its destination from the south of Italy.

However, migration from Africa to Europe is not limited to illegal entry of countries; they can enter persons into a country by means of visas for the purpose of the visit, and then work and not leave the countries after the end of their legal residence.

But the responsibility for illegal immigration is in the firm belief that it is the responsibility of governments and in general of the ruling class in those African countries, which means that nearly two million Africans have fled to Europe.

A phenomenon that is rampant among human beings, moving people from their homes of origin to other places on earth, in search of security, safety and escape from the security services that arrest them and subject them to compliance to unhealthy centers.

What is the strong insistence on the return of immigrants to their homes of origin violated the sanctity of African citizenship in their countries and then in detention centers, perhaps it is the right economic character that works to bring millions of Africans back to their countries and stay in it with security and a decent life.

Investments in infrastructure in Africa have not yet been substantially completed so that the people of Africa will be able to stay in their countries significantly to work on the growth and prosperity of the African continent as a whole.

We must know that in the long term, Africa is at great risk of being displaced to the Western world, which brings us two major actions in the long-awaited change in the African continent, which is rich in natural resources.

Deepening the depth of technology and demographics in Africa and trying to combine these things so that factors give maximum products, but specifically there is no stability in the African continent because of human migrations in millions to Europe.

Stability factors in Africa are particularly lacking, there is no proliferation of stability, and there is something similar to involvement in corruption, theft, and embezzlement.

This is the process of investigating and verifying the validity of the suspicions against them before charging the Western world with illegal immigration.

Years of illegal migration means you have got to do, of course, economic, political and financial crises on the African continent, but means of migration began years ago with the great influx into Europe from Africa through the Mediterranean.

In recent decades, Italy's economy has been burdened by Italy's north-south gap, which has resumed in recent decades with the marked expansion of the social strata that tarnished Italian political radar in the last quarter of the century, to be seen as an annoying nuisance itself.

The south of Italy was affected by a massive internal migration in the north, outside and into northern Europe and the America continents in the last decades of the twentieth century, but this continuous depletion of human resources, intellectual energy and manpower have been caught.

The development situation is likely to be based mainly on the extent to which young people are retained in southern Italy, but the sign has once again reversed the decline in birth and migration rates to the north and the decline of the southern housing structure once again.

The collapse of public investment in Africa does not make things easier for Europe, especially with the Italian south, which receives millions of African migrants each year, and if there is no work, they are required to be returned to their countries of origin.

By Professor Ramzi Halim Mavrakis

Businessman - Libyan political and economic writer and analyst

Resident in the United States of America

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