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towards Libya ... France and Italy in a constant race to get support in their roles!

US role towards Libya ... France and Italy in a constant race to get support in their roles!

French and Italian interests are at risk from the instability of Libya and the indirect and important role of the United States is working to restore the stability of the Libyan state.

After Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte presented himself to the White House with a program that presents Italy's aspirations for a qualitative leap forward its role in the Mediterranean region, President Donald Trump has been in full support of files related to combating terrorism and illegal immigration and reducing the role of the United States of America in Libya.

But Italy is playing a bigger and deeper role in the Mediterranean region as the former Italian colony in Libya, and Libya's political stability works to help fight immigration and combat terrorism - the three files presented to the White House.

Italy and France are always in favor of greater support from the United States, whose support of geopolitical precedence in the Mediterranean region has not been the same as an American factor, placing Libya under political and economic scrutiny again at the gateway to North Africa.

As for the current US administration, it was from the beginning against the military intervention in Libya, which swept Hillary Clinton in the problems in order to eliminate the extremist organizations, especially organize the calling of the terrorist in Libya.

But many Libyans wonder about the direction of the United States of America towards the Libyan issue and the political conflict between France and Italy and the conflict of political poles within Libya.

US President Donald Trump announced in his last meeting with Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte that an American has no role in Libya with the multiplicity of roles on the Libyan scene.

From this point of political tremors towards the Libyan issue, the Anglo-American partnership was as successful as the Franco-American partnership when President Donald Trump met with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macaron in diplomatic talks to strengthen the ongoing race to support the roles of France and Italy in the Mediterranean.

Libya has been given the full option through the United Nations in the roadmap of Ghassan Salama, which is three basic steps in choosing the democratic way to solve the internal problems of Libya, they are internationally recognized in all the world's democracies: presidential and parliamentary elections and the restoration of the unified Libyan state in its bodies and sovereign and financial institutions.

But Libya is still floundering in the struggle of the Libyan armed militias, which impose their presence on the current Libyan political system, contributed to Lysol destruction of their country through extremist political Islam and political terrorist organizations.

While French President Emmanuel Macaron summoned the main Libyan virtues in Paris and played an important role in holding a quick election by this year for the stability of Libya because France has a great and radical influence in the common French-Libyan policy.

The French "roadmap" is a very important step, forcing the conflicting Libyan political parties; especially the Prime Minister of Tripoli, Fayez Sarraj and the facilitator Khalifa, to reach an agreement that serves the stability of the collapsed Libyan state.

The approval of this is very remote because there is a temptation here and there on how to unite the Libyan institutions, the most important of which is the Libyan armed forces and the annexation of the legitimate institutions under the Libyan constitutional cover, which works to balance the East and the West bloc and return the arms to the Libyan armed barracks.

But today Libya is not a top priority for the Trump administration. Libya has become the land of political and economic conflicts more than military conflicts, as Libya did before the whip of the former Libyan regime.

France, Italy and the United States are very important political and economic forces that Libya is primarily concerned with according to its strategic position in Africa.

The Italian government's plan for migration is useful to the American president to strengthen the internal model in Italy.

We say that today's conflict with Libya is a conflict of foreign interests, a conflict in the Mediterranean and Sahel-Saharan region where Libya is of geographic importance.

Libya is a gateway to the security and recovery of oil and gas to the economies of the West and the alliance between France, Italy and America and the distribution and the formation of roles among them, it is a strategic process in the region to avoid a lot of losses and slow in the solution of quick and final solutions.

By Professor Ramzi Halim Mavrakis

Businessman - Libyan political and economic writer and analyst

Resident in the United States of America

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