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The difficult challenges between the two interests and the flexibility of power ... before the stabi

The difficult challenges between the two interests and the flexibility of power ... before the stability of Libya

Libya is facing problems following the emergence of the oil crescent Ras Lanuf port, heavy damage was made on the burning of oil tanks in the port as a result of clashes that left destruction of Libyan oil, which is considered to be the wealth of the Libyan people.

But many European diplomats stress on the plans to organize Libya's presidential and parliamentary elections this year, which seem unlikely to happen, as a result of the challenges facing Libya.

The two side interests as well as the flexibility of power in Libya that amid weeks of fighting for control of oil plants in Libya before The Libyan Army.

As we see, causing severe damage to the important infrastructure in the country, despite the restoration of forces loyal to Marshal Khalifah Hafter, the strong man in the Eastern region and the commander of the Libyan Arab Armed Forces, Libyan oil stations called the oil crescent of Libya.

Damage to the militias of the local commander of the oil facilities guard Ibrahim Jadran, described by the Libyan National Oil Corporation as a disaster and very expensive with the spread of fire that was threatening the rest of the Libyan oil reservoirs.

The head of Lanuf was operating five tankers to store Libyan crude oil, but the capacity of crude oil storage decreased from 9500,000 barrels to 550,000 barrels of crude oil.

This attack on the Libyan oil fields is a tragedy for the Libyan people and a tragedy on the national economy, which Libya's economy relies on exports of crude oil abroad in exchange for foreign currency for the Libyan State.

A peaceful process that may appear to be difficult to form in Libya, in two rival governments, one in the West supported by the United Nations and the other in the east controlled by the Libyan Arab armed forces led by the strong man Marshal Khalifa Hafer in the eastern region, while the real power in Libya remains in the hands of Local Libyan militias.

Marshal Khalifa Hafter said that the attack on oil facilities was supported by the government in the west of the country Tripoli, the Libyan capital, which is subject to the United Nations support for its domestic legitimacy.

The removal of the attention of Marshal Khalifah Hafter has recently moved to involve the long-term attack on the eastern city of Derna in an attempt to root out terrorism from its roots, which is close to or less than the liberation of the city from those groups.

The political process in Libya has become difficult solutions every day and every pole of the political poles in Libya wants instead of defeats the continuity of political conflicts on the scene, further complicating the process of authority among them even after the election results and acceptance in the coming period.

As the international and national meetings suggest that all things will be conducted fluently and historically good, which works to facilitate the task of the Libyan national public interest with the flexibility of political participation that overflows in Libya with good and stability, safety and prosperity.

Libya's political, economic and internal affairs negatively affect Libya's stability, security, and safety and slow the way to end the internal conflict between the political poles of the conflict.

The conflict in Libya is intermingled between internal and external rivalry, the world today extends its hand to Libya through the United Nations, Arab countries, and Islamic countries, African and European organizations in solving the disputes that are linked to international intentions behind a beautiful and glamorous image that serves the interests of the Libyan people.

The European Union is working to set up centers of displacement in North Africa so that all asylum seekers taken by search and rescue missions to Europe will not be transferred after Italy refused to accept more displaced people from Africa through Italy's maritime ports.

But the European proposals on illegal immigrants are linked to the degree of political reconciliation in Libya, which creates a much lower climate of human trafficking and migrants from Africa to southern Europe.

The European Union hopes to establish regional centers of descent in North Africa so that not all asylum seekers picked up by European search and rescue missions are transferred to Italy, but Libya is economically and politically devastated and cannot work alone without international assistance.

The Libyan state today is steeped in political and economic considerations after the revolution of the seventeenth of February and its battles became irrational and their demands impossible critical tone.

Conflicts between the political poles in Libya do not work to retreat from the Libyan political scene, stressing the need to accelerate and facilitate the authorities to address the security and displaced people and produced economic reform programs that work to curb the continuity of the Libyan economy collapsed.

The insanity to judge each other and we inside Libya and tell what is outside the political game innocence of the miserable political scenes before the moments come that would lift the Libyan state to the status of civilized countries politically.

No one of us has the right to act alone without reference to the Libyan constitution; this has made Libya retreat and goes back if there were no reassurance and keenness on Libya stability.

There would not have been political disputes over power and dual interests to end the conflicts between the conflicting political poles if the political game had been played the right way.

By Professor Ramzi Mavrakis

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