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s it his plan to get out of the Libyan crisis or is it as the most correct, a plan to get out of the

Is it his plan to get out of the Libyan crisis or is it as the most correct, a plan to get out of the road map!

The work that is limited to involving the Libyan internal national forces to find solutions to the practical process and accelerate the resolution of the miserable political situation, works that lies in the paradox that the political work in Libya is protected by the walls of the United Nations fortified.

The political work that carries out its duties without regards to the conditions and developments that are working to confuse the political arena hollow statements, which do not serve both interests the United Nations and National Libyan figures.

Ghassan Salama did not require sincere political action, which works to achieve the internal developments of the Libyan issue as a whole.

The road plan has not been able to complete its three consecutive or successive stages of the existence of the types of frictions between the political parties in conflict.

The power and influence without the existence of a constitutional legitimacy to codify them the political work in Libya, will not help to resolve the frictions.

Libya's political narrowness is originally expected from the Libyan legislation and the constitutionality of the Libyan state, which organizes the presidential and legislative elections for this year.

The upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections contested by the countries of the world and the Arab and Islamic regional countries that want to strengthen their status and implement them on Libya.

The presidential and legislative frictions are of no concern to France current and vigorous move to hasten the organization of presidential and legislative elections, without the existence of a central body that would legislate for the promulgation of a permanent constitution of Libya.

The presence of French efforts in the political arena is working to bring together the Libyan parties again and defuse the Libyan crisis on its territory.

An effort by France on peace initiatives once again, is either to amend the agreement or continue to bring it back to the world destination, preceded by its abhorrent contradictions, most of which were drawn on the Libyan state by foreign policy and implemented by Arab States.

More and more international security meeting in New York these days to hear the UN envoy to Libya Ghassan Salameh on the situation in Libya, but it is with great regret and pain there are no vivid process to resolve the Libyan issue and still Ghassan Salameh waking on the same body material progress without success.

However, Ghassan Salaam’s plan for Libya is united in its objectives and we believe that it represents two issues that summarize what is going on with the same hatred of the stability of the security, safety of Libya.

The rise of the Libyan state is to protect its fortified walls from tampering with the same doors open to the weakness of the state of Libya and those in dire need of destabilizing Libya.

The hectic context of the road map in a plan to get out of the Libyan crisis, which has achieved very little, and it has been successful in presenting a contradiction in the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections in Libya.

The paradox here lies in the lost Libyan diplomacy that is working on the chances of passing Ghassan Salaam’s plan at the current stage due to the continued stumbling block of Libya's internal policy.

The blockage is between The House of Representatives and the Libyan State Council, especially with regard to the referendum on the new draft constitution and the preparations for the comprehensive conference.

Although years have passed since the signing of the Skhirat political agreement between various Libyan parties under the auspices of the United Nations, today we see the contrast in the competition for the seats of the elections.

Favorable situation and opportunity exhibits that some aspirants will not miss out without being openly harassed in public presence or secretly if it can not be heard before the Libyan public.

But the upcoming elections will confirm that they will live by their cause and marginalization towards illegal constitutional elections, campaigns and voting to reach them, make up and set up the world and put them for positions without constitutional success.

Counting on the presidential and legislative elections in Libya is to do their efforts in vain, the breakdown of their promises, and their unconstitutional parties come out free of those Libyan constitutional entitlements.

The nature of the political affiliations with the outside world and the assessments of the circumstances dictate that Libyan politicians to bargain in time and understand the internal political relations with Arab, Islamic and international organizations, including the United Nations, to move forward on the plan of Ghassan Salama, the plan that brings them out of the dark tunnel.

Sometimes the truth requires the Libyan politicians are in conflicts of the road map because they are the people of the events and that they have worked to provoke the United Nations in a confused political action.

By Professor Ramzi Halim Mavrakis

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