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Political poles agreement without considering the distribution of economic justice ... imminent dama

Political poles agreement without considering the distribution of economic justice ... imminent damage to the Libyan state

That the common belief in the distribution of Libyan sovereign wealth among the public comes from the direct distribution of revenues of Libyan gas and oil and the collection of financial resources from the diversity and multiplicity of revenue of the Libyan state and the distribution of wealth is on this basis.

Injustice is not fair because injustice is contrary to justice and wrong thinking injustice denies the human thought of economic justice, and we believe, as some of us believe in the distribution of Libyan sovereign wealth to the Libyan society works to achieve economic justice in society.

The faltering economy hinges on a strong economy when the ability to create wealth, with its many sources of income, ceases to be a necessity for the revival of the economic cycle in Libyan society to resolve the crises in Libya, this can only be achieved by a comprehensive agreement between the conflicting political poles of political power.

The production of Libyan gas and oil is a huge and cheap pump, a way out that could be a temporary factor at the end of the summer and winter, it forces oil and gas exporting countries such as OPEC and its countries to move in this direction to get the most resources diverse and its importance in their inert economies.

The oil markets are hungry and the decline in production is affecting the local economy on all the oil and gas exporting countries, and the decline in production which was in the past the result of the decline in international prices, which led to the absorption of oil and gas balances and revenues in Libya to meet the Libyan budget dues.

The existence of the surplus in the world markets of oil and gas works to stabilize prices and then rise above the current low prices in high figures again because of the expected demand for global consumption.

The decline in world prices has been in the past era and today, economic indicators clearly indicate the opposite of the oil and gas prices to rise again to restore the ball of global economic recovery.

Just as many economists failed to predict that oil and gas prices will not rise in the near future due to global economic shifts from black gold “petroleum” as its named in the Arab producing oil country

to sustainable energy, the same criteria and methodology have failed many economists that prices will continue to fall and deteriorate and will not rise again.

OPEC, World economic powers again merge by the beginning of the end of the war on terrorism and the restoration of the world order, the countries of the world are working in studies and information centers to predict the new economic revolution coming to the world.

OPEC producers and exporters of oil and gas will return to the economic arena in the world and the agreement with them will be according to the economic conditions and form the far away from floating in the arena of political conflicts.

To dislike the producing countries from the identification of production or freezing or even reduced by the falling prices of oil and gas in the world economy is no longer valid.

Libya may face financial problems in the near future due to the Libyan economic crisis, but the political conflict and the attempt of the next political agreement may change the path of comprehensive economic development in Libya.

Continuing political conflicts do not stimulate the overall economic development and the use of Libyan oil and gas resources to reach diversity and multiplicity will give Libya the potential with its oil and gas as a means to go for the sustainable development in the long term.

It was noted that the political decisions are not going in the right direction during this period and were not at the level where the oil producing and exporting countries and did not lend to the concerns of Libyan politicians to the economic crises experienced by Libya make it spin back with the economically backward countries.

Summary of the topic, we say that the distribution of economic justice is due primarily to the creation of financial wealth to the public to work on the prosperity of the Libyan state in the government sector with the full and comprehensive cooperation in the private sector, which in turn works to revitalize the economic movement in Libya.

In the midst of these difficult conditions, the Libyan economy has been deprived of full growth and prosperity, where growth rates are negative for real domestic output, high unemployment, financial inflation, a significant drop in exports, a deterioration in the local currency, the Libyan dinar and the disappearance of hard currency from the state treasury.

Libya is a country that overlooks the Mediterranean basin and is of great importance in Africa as well as to the Western countries, by building the Libyan social ladder is an important factor that helps Libya to improve its trade relations with various countries in the world.

By Ramzi Mavrakis


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