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Things to know: The wording in the Libyan History

… An overview of the past and present Arabs – Berber, Amazigh, Jews –Turks, Greeks, and Romans are the real clay and pomegranates that existed in the social fabric of the Libyan society. It is a harmonica bowl which makes the Libyan National way of life, and an away from sedition and manifestations of civilization backwardness of humanity. It is a window of the Libyan history, gives an overview of the entities in the many tribes and ethnicities, to the first important tribes that lived in Libya whom they were the most important element in events and developments of the region, and from the Libyan political formations and social components whether was a social or a political system and between the past and present of the Libyan history. A complex process of correction and management to the Libyan state institutions for the Libyan people, modern praises to the present of a tremendous wealth in the hands of the Libyans to open a way to the unknown world of progress and prosperity. And to saboteurs the criminals abusers in the destinies of the Libyan modern State. How can we know the Libyan history, writing here and there by political ideologist, whom they expelled the pages of the Libyan honest historians and explorers the secrets of Libyan true history and fairness to the Libyan society? Historical documents of the United Kingdom of Libya absent from the political arena in which there are many of them in the Italian archives as well as in the Turkish one, including the looting and stolen documentation and the effacement of when the September coup of Libya in the year of 1969. Whether the remainder of the past, the national anthem of Libyan during the kingdom of Libya and our independence as a sovereignty Libya. Except for our Libyan Constitution which is still sleeping in the inclusion of a Libyan liberation nowadays. History of the Ottomans and the expulsion of the Spaniards in the 1950s until the occupation of Italy to Libya in 1911, it piles the glory of faithful bearers grandparents in their past values of Libyan historic weighty, nor can it be said that the Libyan history as some say the may be demonstrated and started in the year of 1969 during the coup of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, on would say is a forgery of the real and true history of Libya. Could not in any way call Libya has the sovereignty, without the return to the Libyan original of the founding fathers’ Constitution of 1951. Which amendment can be applied to be consistent with the realities of the new Libyan way of life, which includes the rights of citizenship and the by virtue of the international laws in this platform for social integration and the Libyan leaders. After the demise of constitutional legitimacy and the Libya resides in the new Libyan Arab Republic, a military coup which had made Colonel Muammar Gaddafi become as chairman of the Revolution Command Council and adopted him and his colleague's individual decisions authorizations the inter alia of the Libyan state. Then the Sate of Libya turned into the masses of the Jamahiriya to be governed by the Green Book alternative to the Libyan constitutions. Festivals and celebrations of 1 September coup of Libya and the sole leader only Leader and the king of kings of Africa Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. The Libyan Jamahiriya the public rule, then a coup by the Libyan people on the king of kings of Africa Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in the revolution sweeping popularity unparalleled toxic revolution of the charismatic February popular Revolution of they year of 2011. Written by: Ramzi Mavrakis

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