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The Jews of Libya: Nothing was done for the benefit of the national religious groups!

The Jews of Libya:

Nothing was done for the benefit of the national religious groups!

It can be said, that among the most important features of Libyan society are the minority groups that make up the total Libyan social fabric, and among the minority groups are all the Jews, as well as the Berber, Greeks, Turks, and other percentages of the Libyan population, the Arabs which constitute the entire total number of 6.375 million people.

When the presidents of the Union of Libyan Jews, Mr. Rafael Luzon, denounces the exclusion of the role of Libyan Jews from talks conducted by the United Nations Support Mission in Libya, it is an exclusion of a segment of the Libyan community to engage in the Libyan political dialogue in reaching the required solution to the Libyan Jewish issue and restoring their legitimate rights.

Political calmness, political stability, and attention to religious and ethnic minority groups are an important factor in the success of the political settlement.

lack of interest in the Jewish religious minority communities abroad and the ethnic ones at home is due to the downward media marketing if the first feature of Libyan Jews has been absent from the political conflict and political dialogues abroad.

Today, we are responding to the Libyan Jewish community abroad, despite the Jewish appeals and requests to participate in Geneva and other Arab and European countries, and the making of promise to Jewish, they did not fulfill them. The friends and supporters of human rights and democracy have not and will not give up their legitimate national Libyan rights.

The refusal of the Libyan component of the Libyan Jews to participate is due to political reasons more than religious reasons, which have nothing to do with anti-Semitism or hatred for Judaism and the Jews of Libya.

Everyone knows that there are important achievements that have not been achieved on the ground after the glorious February 17th revolution, including the agreements on constitutional arrangements in the next phase after the Libyan-Libyan political dialogue, which constitute a new phase that works to unify the Libyan legitimate institutions and works to quell the existing civil war.

But these important achievements that have not yet been accomplished were caused by the enmity between the eastern and western blocs of Libya, which Libya is going through and under very difficult circumstances, by reuniting the country under a single national banner, one legitimate constitution, army, police, and a unified internal and external security.

The Jewish issue and the immigration of Libyan Jews from Libya have deep and profound fundamental historical reasons that were the cause of the loss of relationship with the Libyan society, that would lead to dialogue and communication between us which is possible and it is extremely important to restore the Libyan social fabric as it was in the past, in this regard we do not count on countries that do not cherish democracy and the rights of People because the Jews of Libya are originally an integral part of the Libyan social component.

The Libyan revolution in 2011 led to a decrease in the population of Libya, so about eight thousand immigrants that were left Libya as immigrants to neighboring countries, especially to Egypt, Tunisia, and other Arab countries. This is another political reason that is presented here as an example that Libya has no hostility with the Jewish religion nor With the Jews of Libya.

Although Libya is not a destination for emigration at the present time due to political instability, Libya will in the near future become a destination for every loyal Libyan patriot who willing to work and to re-certify the State of Libya, rebuild, and therefore, the opportunities will be for everyone by everyone, with everyone.

Written by / Ramzi Halim Mavrakis

Businessman - Libyan writer, political analyst, and economist

Resident in the United States of America


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