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Political realism represents confidence in the growth of Libya's economy

Political realism represents confidence in the growth of Libya's economy

The Libyan political experience does not have the accumulated experience and does not believe in the acceptance of those who have the experience of closing the gap between what Libya had in the past of theories and applied in the era of the former political systems.

Libya is in a state of denial of political realism, so that the conflicting powers can not reach a political consensus that stabilizes economic growth and thus is a crisis created by the political boycott.

Differences between the House of Representatives and the Council of State and the consideration of the monitoring of the performance of governments, between the interim government in the east of the country and the government of national reconciliation derived legitimacy from the United Nations in the absence of Libyan constitutional life.

Did not draw propaganda demanding the launch of Ghassan Salama, a plan of action calling for the amendment of the political agreement and the convening of a conference of all parties to adopt a permanent constitution in the country, contradictory steps crying the first not to adopt the legitimate constitution of the country so that the meeting of the parties on the basis of the Libyan legitimacy.

The boasting is when Libya's transition stage ends with a basket of economic and political projects and projects, and you are surprised when Libya becomes a land of political, economic and social stability.

But the failure of the Libyan governments, which have complained to the whole world of their political and economic development, and demanding the special envoy of the UN Secretary-General Ghassan Salama to speed up the announcement of a date for the start of the inclusive conference useful for the political boycott between the Libyan parties.

After all this, the rival groups insist on living under the capacity of Ghassan Salama, the Special Envoy, in successive plans that continue to cry and wail the rest of the rest of the continuation of their political work within the institution additional to the rest of the other institutions in the National Gathering.

And to confirm the course of events and internal conflicts that the indicators of political growth can not be achieved or continue only through the political realism that represents the gain of confidence in the Libyan economic growth, accompanied by intellectual flexibility and remove the constraints of the past.

The constitutional declaration is the most important in this period, which enables us to hold presidential and legislative elections, accept changes in the level of the Libyan people's aspirations and act in accordance with the requirements of the constitutional conditions and the accelerating events in the solution of political stability.

We do not want ideas based on distorted concepts away from the Libyan constitutional legitimacy out of the horizon of frustration and inertia to pump new blood into political work and to represent us a new reality of political realism in the development of ways to promote successful political action.

The situation of chaos is not through the National Collective Forum, which is positive but does not necessarily work to resolve the political conflicts between the conflicting poles of power and influence, but the way to the consensus to provide the best Libyan ignorance in the performance and the right approach through the constitutional Libyan.

In any way to expand the scope of participation through the National Gathering to include many national figures because in the meeting the whole volatile on the hot tin and therefore the loss and regret over the meeting is greater than the desired solutions at the meeting.

Which causes the preservation of the legislative and executive bodies as they are, especially in the history of the Libyan political parties, we see scenes of reality and imagination and jumps full of living things and rigid in the drafting of the Libyan Constitution permanent.

As we see the political conflict, reject and propose and reject the omnibus conference in what does not want and see some shortening of the results in the slogans without working after the exit from the whole conference to mix the cards and bet on Ghassan Salama's plan to provide final and imaginary solutions to the Libyan issue.

Libyan constitutional legitimacy brings us out of the dilemmas of the superficiality of the conflicts now on the Libyan arena, which lost the content and the decay of Libyan patriotism after democracy; we heard related allegations about the end of the Libyan crisis once the National Conference is held.

The deteriorating economic situation is suffering from the consecration of some negative situations and we face crises and problems that have complexities and international dimensions that have taken on larger dimensions. The government of national reconciliation is hardly working to resume the economic cycle.

But not all roads are blocked, not stifling or intractable, but their avoidance can be done through the sincere national will to shed light on negative excretions and move away from immediate interests that do not change crises.


Ramzi Halim Mavrakis

Businessman - Libyan political and economic analyst

Resident in the United States of America

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