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Libya and Algeria have historical ties that can not be affected

Libya and Algeria have historical ties that can not be affected

One does not have to pretend that the Arab state of Algeria has colonial ambitions in Libya; today we are not seeing colonialism after the French colonization of Algeria and the colonization of Italy to Libya.

In addition to another crisis that contains the Libyan diplomatic crisis with Algeria, foreign countries are trying to cause problems and rivalries provided by the media and intelligence services involved in the process of targeting the ancient historical relations between the two countries.

Libya also has its own interests. So as Algeria, it also has its own interests in not allowing a grain of sand from its soil to be taken away. The current war in Libya is not a war with the Arab neighbor of Algeria, but It is a joint war between Libya and Algeria to preserve these sand from the terrorist forces that are invading their soil.

We love the Algerian people in their security, stability, and happiness of the Algerian people. We respect the Algerian people as well as the Libyan people in the stability of the two countries, which are exposed to the global terrorist forces that are trying to destabilize the two countries and to destabilize their decent way of life.

Failed attempts to beat Libya and Algeria relationships through its media arm, in which that was working hard against the backdrop of remarks by the Libyan National Army led by Khalifa Hafter to intervene in the internal affairs of Algeria and send the Libyan army to fight a confrontation on the Libyan-Algerian border.

Algeria The Arab state, the state of the million martyrs, the state that sacrificed its martyrs, was extended by Libyan aid in time to own a land of its own with the interests of Algeria to get rid of the French colonization.

We can not transfer our war on terrorism to Algeria at a moment when Libya wants to regain its security and stability, adding that the Algerian authorities are keen to keep Libyan-Algerian historical relations on the same traditional political approach between the two neighboring countries.

Today, we are more clear in the way of the Libyan land that its sanctities were violated , its wealth, its livelihood, the killing of its people, the displacement of its people, and we are all ready not to attack other neighboring countries, but to ask for security relations that will provide security, safety and comprehensive peace between the two countries.

Relations between Libya and Algeria are our ambiguous, and there is no doubt about the relations between the Libyan people and the Algerian people at the table of negotiations to get rid of the terrorism that has afflicted the Arab nation.

Algeria is a powerful force and the Algerian people have revived the terrorist forces with the concepts of national sacrifice and the lessons of fulfilling the homeland and the achievement of glory.

Algerians made Algeria the land of one million martyrs with blood and sacrificed lives of their own people from French colonialism.

What Algeria once wanted not to transcend its national borders and intervene in Libyan affairs, which is full of internal crises, has been the internal conflicts between the Libyan political poles until things deteriorated in Libya into civil war!

Libya will not listen to the alleged statements from the outside of the creation of a diplomatic crisis between Libya and Algeria during the past period, but the containment of the situation is the best way to the continuation of Arab relations in a time working to break up the Arab Islamic nation.

The Libyan people today are looking forward to liberating their country from the hotspots of corruption, degeneration, and gossip, a voice among the nations of the world once heard the allegations about the settling of accounts between Libya and Algeria from the threat of Algeria to transfer the Libyan war to its soil.

Despite the fact that the international community at the time is full of contradictions on the Libyan file and the stability of the Libyan state in the start of the upcoming elections and the issuance of the permanent Libyan constitution, to remove the Libyan people through a series of internal conflicts and boycott reconciliation between the conflicting parties of one homeland.

Libya is no less than other Arab countries that are faced with adversity and are less responsive, even made Libya a land in which crises loom far from freedom to free themselves from internal conflicts.

The relationship of Libya and Algeria will be based on respect for the sacrifices of the two neighboring peoples as a model of life and a clear lesson to all of the Arab countries.

By Professor Ramzi Halim Mavrakis

Businessman - Libyan political and economic writer and analyst

Resident in the United States of America

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