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Oil for the Libyan food... Oil for the total economic reforms fabrication!

Oil for the Libyan food... Oil for the total economic reforms fabrication!

There was a series of serious and modern economic reforms to alleviate the suffering of the Libyan citizen, there was also a meeting and dialogue in the Tunisian capital between the Central Bank of Libya located in Tripoli, the Libyan capital and the representative of the Presidential Council of the National Reconciliation Government and members of the Audit Bureau under American auspices.

It is just economic reforms fabricated, with the slogan of Libyan oil in exchange for food, so that the Libyan people can live and temporarily overcome their daily suffering, but not really intended for radical economic reforms.

The economic crisis is stifling around the reform solutions fabricated to be unfair to the Libyan people, it revolves around a tight economic system to act to provide the Libyan oil production to those who want cheap prices, but the Libyan people get in return economic solutions conciliatory, placated with false promises.

Reforms calls for Libyan family allowance, hydrocarbon item, elimination of economic distortions in fuel prices, addressing the distortions in the exchange rate of foreign currencies from the dollar to the sterling to the euro that is circulating in the Libyan black parallel markets with an intention of liberating the Libyan currency (dinar) from the grip of the US dollar.

Libya's economy has become an obsolete and expired economy with Libyan currency papers that became worthless to allow for its purchasing power to meet the needs and commitments of the Libyan people in the global developments in the field of finance and business.

The Libyan people, once again are rich in their underground resources, on the surface of their land, solar energy, and agriculture that leads to the scourge of oppression of its financial resources under the pretext of terrorism, illegal immigration and cultural backwardness in the disposal of its frozen financial resources in international banks.

While the Central Bank of Libya comes to agreement on a series of economic reforms according to a timetable to alleviate the suffering of the tyrannical regime in Libya, which encourages corruption, theft, and a waste of public money.

After the fall of the former regime, Libya has not improved its economic and political situation inside the country, but there were increased series of questions about politicians and crooks and siphons, wasting the billions of Libyan wealth that were left by the previous Jamahiriya political system.

There was no attention paid to the needs of the country and the needs of the Libyan people, the crises of hospitals, sanitation and water shortages, electricity and public education which was known to be in better standards during the former regime of Jamahiriya for the Improvement in the direction of change and reform.

The economic reforms that were reached in Libya were the result of the support and sponsorship of the United States to get Libya out from what it is through the restructuring and the return of the Libyan state and the unification of the Libyan authorities parallel.

The reason for the reluctance to make any significant progress in the field of economy, politics, and society after the fall of the regime Former Jamahiriya was due to the parallel governmental system in Libya.

The Central Bank of Libya may fail to develop the proper economics reform and fiscal and monastery reform programs as domestic political tensions between the East and the West increased, and between the two interests and the national authority led by conflicting political poles inside Libya.

An economic package spouse to result from an increase in the production of Libyan oil at fair market prices with an interest in the preservation of natural resources to be exploited in economic projects to fly all the facilities of standard of living in the proper direction, but on the contrary Libya remained in the philosophy of profligacy, waste, theft and systematic looting.

Libya's divided governments have tried to venture and change the country's direction to the right and better direction, but corruption within the Libyan state has the opposite formula, and away from the tied security and stability that threats Libya day after day.

Thus, the words of economic reform went in thanking the Embassy of the United States of America in Libya, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the international community for the care and support extended to Libya.

As for the Libyan economic file, it is not for the Libyan state to undertake any effective, serious and scientific economic reforms unless there are united sovereign institutions of a formal political framework organized under the constitutionality of the Libyan state.

Even then, the Libyan people will receive slaps after slaps to follow the requirements of foreign states orders from Western and Arab countries such as Egypt, Qatar, neighboring Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates.

As well as the Western and Eastern countries of the old colonies, such as Turkey, Italy, France and Great Britain, include the United States of America, the international organizations and European, African and Arab organizations.

Here is the officials of the Libyan governments, which the Libyan people have been fed with the audacity and heart of what the West and the Arab regional countries wanted in a new dawn of the Libyan nation, moving the country backward even if the demands of a people to avoid a deplorable reality on the Libyan political scene.

At the end of this article and even with another article, it is necessary to remind everyone that the Libyan oil remains the main source to buy food for the people of the Libyan; the strength of Libya is on solid economic reforms to track the brutal authorities of Libya.

By Professor Ramzi Mavrakis

Libyan businessman

United States of America

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