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The chaos experienced by Libya will not stop happening after the international conference!

The chaos experienced by Libya will not stop happening after the international conference!

When the Libyan state becomes anarchy and the scenes of chaos return to the failure of the dialogue between the parties, which lies in the diversity and multiplicity of parallel institutions between eastern and western Libya, it becomes so difficult for the countries of the world and the regional and international organizations to help Libya emerge from its institutional crisis.

The Libyan state is becoming increasingly unstable when foreign countries believe that communication to the partnership agreement was one of the two sides between the regional and international countries, the Libyan side because they are determined to influence the outcome of Libyan political action.

Those who oppose the positions of power in Libya are the ones who stand in the way of reaching the Libyan political consensus; they are the ones who control the course of internal affairs and the transformation and transition from chaos to Libyan political stability.

The presidential council of the National Reconciliation Government convenes at a meeting in the Libyan capital Tripoli to discuss the results of Al-Serraj's visit to France, where the Libyan political parties participated, the results of the visit turn into political demonization once again in dealing with the internal political issue.

The meeting called for by the French president in a meeting of a number of Arab and Western countries and international and regional organizations in a single way to complete the Libyan political work and put Libya in front of the world scene for the sake of the united international action aimed at the ruins of Libya from the hands of the abusers who drag our internal problems to abroad.

Among the problems that we are going to go abroad is the confirmation of the acting US Embassy in Libya Stephanie Williams that Libya's only permanent solution is to get out of its political predicament, meaning that the United States is ready to set foot in Libya once it is accepted into the international political game.

The United States even hampers Ghassan Salaam’s efforts to facilitate dialogue, improve the government and help the Libyans prepare for credible elections in Libya.

It is clear that American wants a strong footing in Libya and that even if it is not to leave Libya in the hands of the old Libyan colonies, including Italy, France, and Turkey.

The United States is working to support the National Reconciliation Government with its efforts, its full satisfaction with the commitment of the Libyan officials to their duties in the face of humanitarian challenges.

How does the United States support the National High Electoral Commission, which knows very well that Libya does not have a constitution that protects the country from political poles that want to climb to power in Libya? There is a constitutional legitimacy that recognizes their political work and takes sovereign positions in Libya again!

America has invested since the revolution of the seventeenth of February 2011 more than twenty-three million dollars to support the constitutional development and preparations for the elections in Libya.

To deal with the Libyan crisis and the UN roadmap out of chaos, there was a political blockage in Tripoli, Libya, to the power of the Libyan east controlling the situation, when we lose our national ethics and values at the end of the current political decay in Libya.

Libyan Presidential Council affirms the implementation of the meeting and their commitment in the spirit of responsibility in the Paris Declaration; we find words without concrete actions that satisfy the international community and the Libyan society.

Today, the Islamic groups play a very dangerous political role that is not in the interest of the stability of Libya.

Dawn of Libya group is allied with extremist organizations and insists on using the force of arms to control power centers in the Libyan capital Tripoli and Misurata and to impose a fait accompli on the national reconciliation government to accept them as armed groups by the international community.

Falsehood and lying, dealing in two ways on the part of the government of national reconciliation in the West with the House of Representatives parliamentary, legislative bodies in the East.

Is to deal with them as opponents and not as allies in the Libyan politics are the one who is working to turn the ally into a rival and enemy, the political action becomes an act of aggression in Libya and the desire grows between them.

Since the winning of the presidential elections in the National Reconciliation Accord, the legitimacy of the political agreement in the Skhirat was not adopted by the current House of Representatives in the eastern region.

Fierce campaigns between the winner of the National Reconciliation and President of the interim government of Abdullah al-Thani, which emanates from the House of Representatives, The country.

However, there has recently been a dispute over their constitutional legitimacy, which is supposed to be in one battle, to remove Libya from the suffocating crisis to one single unified government under the permanent Libyan constitution.

It is my personal belief, the conflict between the government of Libya in the east and the government of Libya in the West will increase in their offensive campaigns in terms of constitutional legitimacy as long as the Libyan constitution has not been permanently approved by the Libyan people.

At the same time, we disagree with Ghassan Salaam’s plan to get Libya out of the dark tunnel, but our differences with Ghassan Salama in his plan, both successive and nonsuccessive plan, of its three basic stages.

Ghassan Salameh did not confirm the constitutionality of the Libyan state and the adoption of the Libyan constitution first before the legislative elections and the presidential next December of this year for 2018.

The success of a unified Libyan government, unified national institutions, and the parallel institutions to be removed, the hard work is not easy in this difficult period for the Libyan state, so as not to have the political action of failure from the east and the full success of the western side of the country Libya.

But the success should be at the eastern and western levels and an alliance for Libya and put our ideological differences on the side that impede the path of progress and success from the one unified government which has a positive factor in the stability and progress and the birth of the second Libyan state with its constitutional institutions.

The international community and the nations of the world, after the late meeting in Paris, have produced international outputs to create a roadmap for Libya to get out of the narrow bottleneck led by Ghassan Salameh and not as an internal outcome of a Libyan national alliance between the rival governments between East and West.

The obstacles of the past to extract the Libyan constitution, we must pack the constitution to reality and its existence is an important factor in the legitimacy of the next governments after removing all the parallel governments of the reconciliation and the other temporary that was built on its throne in Tripoli West.

Adopting the legal constitution for the birth of the first state of Libya from 1951 and amended in 1963 or in the draft constitution or the constitutional declaration Formation of the birth of the second contemporary Libyan state and the referendum on one or both of them by the Libyan people.

In Libyan, is to ensure the legitimacy of the Constitution of the Libyan state as well as the legitimacy of the demand of the Libyan people and not from foreign countries in political agreements outside the Libyan.

Decisive steps in a national Libyan roadmap from within the country by Libyan popular leaders working to bridge the gaps in the conflict between the poles of the Libyan conflict.

Hence, the political action must be from inside Libya and not from outside and until we achieve one of the most famous Arab political quotations "The people of Mecca know its reefs".

It is not wise to leave the clear statement and we need those who point out that all roads lead to Rome. Otherwise, all roads lead to Paris, the French capital, but the road is one way, not the other, legislative and constitutional nature of Libya.

Getting out of this national plan leads to the disaster of the Libya, and it does not stop the occurrence of chaos in Libya, which leads us to the idea and image of the Libyan military coup in which the Libyan army turns away from the constitutional state to restore safety and stability by means of military authority to govern the country.

Elements of external support between the Alliance of States Foreign Affairs, dispute between us leads to this decisive action in Libya, not resolving the chaos that threatens not only Libya but also the regional and international countries that have strategic interests with Libya.

Libya tries to work within the framework of the state and its legal institution as it is an important country overlooking the Mediterranean.

We must always remember those who always take military action civil government and support the coup d'état to overthrow the political system is delaying the state from all aspects of political, economic and social development.

The military organization must be subject to the Libyan constitution and not to the civil ruler of the Libyan state, and to be within the protection of the state and its political system with the succession of rulers and protect the economy of Libya and protect the entity Libyan humanitarian needs.

The subordination of the Libyan Armed Forces under the leadership of Marshal Khalifa Hafer is not to the political leadership of the National Reconciliation Government, and not to the Interim Prime Minister, but of the permanent Libyan Constitution.

The Libyan permanent constitution defines all their powers; it defines it to the Libyan National Government and to the Libyan Army and stops the Political conflict over the authorities in the new Libyan state.

As we wondered why all this whirlwind in the amendment and guarantee the agreement Skhirat in the Libyan Constitution permanent and kept the parallel institutions to what they are until today, and do away from the national demands and hard work in the reception of the new constitution that brings us and protect us from the conflicting political parties climbing the sovereignty of the Libyan state.

The positive steps are to a democratic society in reference to in the constitutional work codified in the Libyan legislations and the Libyan Personal Status Law.

Away from replacing the legitimacy of the Libyan state by foreign settlements or by foreign forces that draw the attention to the fairness of the Libyan laws, which resumes its work in the Libyan social environment again.

Libya today pass constitutional entitlements and tries to escape from panic at the most dangerous stages and transition and it is not as easy as many of us think to achieve.

The achievements and overcome the difficulties are the results bear a number of reasons, causes, and constraints that are not mentioned in detail here and we will address them in the next articles! ...

By Professor Ramzi Mavrakis

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