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The failure of the Libyan national reconciliation… a model did not include all Libyans

The failure of the Libyan national reconciliation… a model did not include all Libyans

Many years ago, Libya on the miserable scenes towards further regional and international interference, reform of the Libyan issue, external and internal ambitions of robbing the wealth the country, and perhaps the most prominent of the crisis reviews that put themselves on the Libyan political scene.

Libya is facing a lack of real settlement tracks for the Libyan issue and agreements of reconciliation fit between the political poles of the Libyan conflict, which would send a positive indicator to the world, declares that Libyan national reconciliation model includes all Libyans.

Libyan national projects have become a complete failure following talks and attempts to amend the agreement of the Moroccan Skhirat agreements, a real desire in the course of the country to continue the plan of the UN envoy to Libya.

The success of the plan of action, a plan for Libya, may lead Libya out of the growing chaos, it is the Libyan crisis in all its political, economic and social aspects, but working to reform the Libyan political minds is a pursuit to the democratic constitutional approach.

What is surrounding the Libyan politicians today is visible frustration on the ground, and it is worth to be sure to know the seriousness of the political action and bear the accusations that entrusted the Libyan politicians to know the reality of political apathy experienced by Libya over the past years.

There is hardly any political, economic or social development so far, but there is a talk of national reconciliation without reference to the educated Libyan elites.

The semi-elites of Libya did not have any active, prominent role in the Libyan political awareness campaigns because they lost their national commitments that reflect their qualities of reformers and leaders of the calligraphy in Libya.

We firmly believe that defending this political atmosphere this way reflects a undesired of governance and authority without making any progress in the interest of the country.

Political act that has only one way explanation, the shame of the politicians acting in contrast to the will of Libyan citizens when they are is proud serving the Libyan state.

Let us be frank with some of the problems facing Libya, to defend its interests, not in collusion with the trouble makers that surrounded Libya from every side, which perpetuate the security and stability of the Libyan state, with crimes humanitarian, economic, financial, etc.

It seems that the meaning of solving the Libyan crises is not directed towards the right path, to bring the country to stability and peace, and help the suffered, helplessness and despairs.

Human crimes committed every day in Libya, who are responsible for them and we do not know who are in the absence of the rule of law and the absence of conscience of the conscience of the condemnation and demand the prosecution of officials who have committed against the Libyan people.

We can only praise the correct model of reform, not the one in clash of arrows against each other, is to be our goal, but to be our goal is to return the country to the social ladder, which works to redress the intellectuals and drive the country out of the political conflict.

By Professor Ramzi Mavrakis

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