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Libya's participation in the African summit… Libyan political elites do not want to see results

Libya's participation in the African summit… Libyan political elites do not want to see results

The 30th Ordinary Session of the African Union Summit, which took place in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa, met with a number of African leaders, who presented on their agenda important issues related to their reform and financing in the African Union.

It was for the establishment of the African Free Trade Area and the facilitation of freedom of movement among their countries without obtaining visas for movement within the African continent.

The Libyan crisis is one of the priorities of the regional conflict, African Union is an essential platform through which its diplomatic organization has dealt with the accumulated problems.

An organization to reflects the opportunities for the participation of African leaders in dealing with problems elimination in resolving internal disputes among their countries without delay for the reasons that is facing the African continent.

The Summit is a knot in a critical period to delicate circumstances in which the continent faces many problems and crises affecting African and European countries.

Africa has the capacity to face challenges with determination and will to end suffering at all levels.

The African summit is working to eliminate the terrorism that strikes many African countries and illegal immigration.

Work on economic development, progress, peace, and work to find solutions to illegal migration and overcome its main problems such as health, education, science and technology and find jobs in the African continent.

However, the Libyan situation continues to be ambiguous, along with the lines of the Libyan political conflict, which plays a major role in the African continent.

The State of Libya has become a corridor to a large crossing point for illegal immigration, especially in the western region of the country, and the flow of immigrants to Europe is a search of a better-dignified life.

In Libya there is an absence of the conscience of human trafficking in exchange for their transfer with money.

The improvement of this mysterious narration requires the removal of this greedy experiment, but it is sufficient for it to imagine a longing for the field of human ruin in the lives of many immigrants to Europe and Libya's security of the number of immigrants flowing every day into the country of Libya.

Most of what was discussed at the conference were the issues related to illegal immigration in the report of the African Peace and Security Council, in which Libya has become the focus of tension on both the African and European continents.

The thorny issues in Libya are amplified by political, economic, social and military shocks, internally and externally displaced the Libyan people and then by illegal immigration through transit to neighboring European countries.

The meetings were aimed at finding ways of cooperation among the list of dialogue between the Arab League and the African Union to reach a comprehensive political settlement of the Libyan crisis.

And to accompany the conflicting political parties to complete the various benefits stipulated in the Skhirat agreement and reach the legislative and presidential elections proposed for Libya this year.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, the only president from outside Africa, has made his speech at the opening session to underscore the peace effort that requires the establishment of a multilateral international body under the umbrella of the United Nations and that the United States has become a party to Israel, Israeli occupation.

Now, coinciding with the meeting of the Africans in Addis Ababa, the work should be on the truce of the Libyan nation in the case of the miserable situation.

Working hour should to re-evaluate the situation in Libya by means of the crisis of the coincidence of the factors of chaos and assassinations in Libya.

At least, to work to alleviate the consequences of the Libyan crises, and assassinations on the Libyan soil and move away from the mirage of hope in the comprehensive peace and full-fledged among all Libyans to achieve one nation.

By Professor Ramzi Mavrakis

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