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The importance of the Constitution to achieve what we want... New Libya

The importance of the Constitution to achieve what we want... New Libya

The elections in Libya are considered a privilege, a privilege and a feature in essence. It is a privilege and a privilege for the voters. It is the characteristics of the democratic system in the civilized world and human development in the field of political elections.

The Libyan social situation is now going through this election nearly seven years ago after the change of the former Libyan regime.

We have political disputes and the absence of complete consensus between the political parties that are opposed to power in the Libyan state and the multi-body of the sovereign bodies of the House of Representatives located in the city of Tobruk and the Libyan State Council and we have two governments, including the interim government and the government of national reconciliation.

Participation in political life, parliamentary and ministerial, translated by decisions taken by the names of candidates in the constituencies to reach the Legislative Council and then the ministerial target of reform to push the unified government to the civil democratic, to be fair and strong and this must be the done through the Constitution to achieve what we want from the new Libya.

Democracy is a concept and practice embodied in the national social mobilization, in this embodiment, it works to elevate the political life that leads the Libyan state out of the political impasse facing the conflicting political poles of the Libyan National Authority.

Democracy, in which the social blocs participate on the basis of the human virtues of good qualities, noble morals and the social values advocated by the Renaissance in the modern Libyan state, but we know that there are among us people who have the characteristics of the contrary, and this will require political solutions that can only be done by the rule of law to enjoy the constitutionality of the Libyan state.

Despite the support and confirmation of participation in the upcoming political elections, this does not eliminate that the electoral law was not the law that will be on the core of these elections, which are not listed in the Libyan National Constitution, and here we see constituencies that adopted the electoral process is not constitutional.

The absence of the Libyan Constitution Which is of great importance to the Libyan citizen in Libyan political participation, the law is the one that achieves the full representation and the percentage concerned.

The current law does not solve the problem of the areas that are the basis of Libya and the cause of all its political crises.

We always call for the promulgation of the supreme law of the Libyan state (the permanent Libyan constitution) and the adoption of proportionality outside the restriction areas and the involvement of the rights of the Libyan minorities’ project in this regard, but unfortunately, the nature of political action so far engulfed in resolving the Libyan crises.

It is the Libyan constitutional law that guarantees the correct representation, which leads to a completely democratic process, which is the promotion of Libyan political life in all its aspects. Otherwise, without a permanent constitution, Libyan citizenship will become a patchwork for the fabric of Libyan society. Political action is emptied of the effects and implications of national sovereignty.

Libya has shown its way to change in its first steps. The people were thirsty for political change and today we are in the echo of national unity based on the Libyan provinces and constituencies on the basis of Libya. The future of Libya, the new Libya, the pride, dignity, stability, security, and safety are the same as the Libyan people.

We want a new Libya on the image that the world has seen in the beginning of changes in the political approach, the believer in the values of right and freedom and the principles and the right to defend the Libyan nation.

To move away from the current volatile situation on a stable political system with a strong effective government leading and not to be led by the political conflicts in power without the presence of public services for the benefit of the Libyan citizen.

Amendments to the political agreement between the conflicting parties are the only way to get out of Libya from crises at all levels, and this is due to the strength of the Libyan political elites who want to end the conflicts between them and then return to the consensus necessary for Libya.

By Ramzi Mavrakis

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