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Power sharing between East and West is a catalyst for Libya to emerge from its crises

Power sharing between East and West is a catalyst for Libya to emerge from its crises

The Libyan political struggle, no matter how the future of Libya and the direction of the Libyan armed groups in the Libyan society, is seen as a fundamental trend on the Libyan struggle, in the history of Libya over the past years also on the use of political conflict.

The Libyans, from the east, west, and some them refused abandon the acquisition of Libyan weapons and give up the idea of ​​armed militias!

Libya today is currently experiencing situations of armed violence and feelings of anger and discrimination between the forces in the east, West and the South on the basis of the direction of the vision of the future of Libya.

This direction is not from the ideological point of view, but from the point of religious Islam, after the people in general exceeded the overwhelming popular revolution that overthrew the previous political system and the conflict has continued to this day.

Today, Libya suffers from two phenomena of extremism and violence in the process of marginalization, exclusion, from Libyan social justice and the need for justice among members of Libyan society by laying the logic of reason and law in the arrangement of the internal Libyan house.

The need for justice, law, and the Libyan judiciary, which leads to the stability of the Libyan state, regardless of who was with the former regime or who are returning from the Diaspora to the homeland.

The Libyan issue is no longer exclusive to the oligarchy or the elite or the Libyan vanguard, but in general the right of every individual Libyan, the freedom of living, housing, health and social guarantees, and a decent life that the Libyan people consider as the rights to citizenship.

Participation in power is a priority to create a catalyst for Libya's exit from its multiple causes including internal security, terrorism and the problems of immigrants from North Africa to Europe so that the Libyan political battles and participations are centered through the adoption of the legitimate constitution of the Libyan state.

The new constitutionally elected government in the country should be preoccupied with security and political conflicts over the issues of Libyan minorities' relations, rights and duties, and the right concept of Libya's major issues, meaning that every individual, group, tribe, party or social, religious or human institution will have a Libyan constitutional norms in practice of a Libyan National Authority.

The celestial messages placed to humanity to the human behavioral controls, which makes them turn in the right direction and towards others in human nature in general.

The will of the Islamic religion to us is a bite in the choice between good and evil, and good and bad.

The choices for the role of the constitutional state and Libyan national institutions to defeat Personal ambitions and do not overcome the generosity of morality when there are instincts at the moment.

Here is the whole world, not only the Libyan people suffer from the escalation of these human phenomena of corruption, theft and moral bankruptcy to show us that the Libyan are linked to the world's conflicts on human rights of comprehensive in achieving peace between people.

But what we call today is to overcome the cries of hatred and assume national responsibility in the mechanism of evolution and approach each other in the outcome of social and cultural backwardness is more subjective than the result of external influences.

By Professor Ramzi Mavrakis

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